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Organization Reviews

Holistic Analysis of People and Processes

Organization reviews can be conducted to evaluate the performance of specific departments, company-wide processes, or the organization as a whole.

We employ a four-stage process:

  1. Approach. We determine the focus of the review in order to maximize the investment of time, energy, and budget on behalf of those involved.
  2. Assessment. We employ evidence-based tools to assess and analyze the organization’s operations and processes.
  3. Report. We compose a report based on the outcomes of the assessment that outlines the findings and share the results with key stakeholders.
  4. Recommendations. We provide recommendations for the company to pursue based on the strengths and areas of growth that can be practically applied to improve the organization’s overall effectiveness.

Employee Selection, Onboarding and Retention

Finding, Training and Retaining the Best People

Selection. The consultants at Scontrino-Powell have designed and validated employee selection systems for hundreds of different jobs. We provide this service at all organizational levels from entry roles, skilled crafts, and technical jobs to professional, supervisory, managerial, and executive positions.

All of our selection work begins with a careful analysis of the unique job demands. We then identify ways to assess job candidates, such as interviews, written and skills demonstration tests, and other tools. In this process, we test the evaluation methods on job incumbents before using them on job applicants. This ensures that the selection process we design meets all fair employment laws and requirements, thus protecting our clients from the threat of lawsuits and high turnover.

Structured Interviews. Psychological studies have demonstrated that when it comes to employee performance, the best predictor of the future is the past. Structured interviews provide a way to evaluate a candidate’s past performance so we can predict future behavior.We help our clients design structured, behaviorally-based interviews specific to their unique job demands, company challenges, and organizational culture. Instead of asking applicants to respond to general questions regarding their strengths, weaknesses, and experiences, applicants are asked to respond to problems and challenges that are typical of the new job.Both questions and answers are based on what your top performers in each job are currently doing. This approach helps you to quickly identify candidates who have the right behavioral patterns to achieve success.

Assessment. When it comes to recruiting and selecting talent at the management and executive levels, a mistake may have serious consequences. We help our clients hire the right person the first time by offering in-depth psychological assessments of leading job candidates.

This comprehensive assessment process starts with a job analysis that helps the psychologist understand the demands of the position. The psychological assessment is an intensive interview that reveals the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses on a number of critical performance dimensions. We then provide the client with written and verbal feedback on our recommendation. Additionally, we add value by identifying developmental needs and offering suggestions for the speedy integration of the new employee.

A specialty of Dr. Powell’s is conducting pre-employment screenings for job candidates who will service high net worth individuals. He has assessed hundreds of executive protection specialists, pilots, yacht captains, and other personnel in sensitive positions to ensure they are fit for duty on the job and with the family in question.

From the very outset of the hiring process, future employees are evaluating and assessing their potential tenure in the organization. Since the cost of turnover is so high, it is critical to keep high-quality new hires engaged. Retention practices may include developing an effective onboarding process that helps employees establish belonging and equips them with the skills to get and stay involved. Other practices involve creating a mentoring program that helps employees develop as well as provide a way for experienced staff to invest further. We work to determine what retention practices will most effectively preserve a strong workforce and stimulate employee investment within your organization.

Performance Management

Building Systems to Improve Effectiveness

Since the early 1970s, we have helped clients build performance management systems that improve efficiency and effectiveness as well as increase revenues. We design and implement systems that address individual jobs, department functions, and/or organization-wide competencies. This process is grounded in behaviorally-based practices and includes training to ensure that everyone has the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful.

With some clients, we have linked team-based performance management with broader empowerment systems. With other clients, we have used self-evaluation as one component of the performance management process. Now we are seeing renewed interest in management by objectives as a way to link individual performance to the organization’s strategic planning efforts. Whatever the process that is best for your organization, we consistently maintain our knowledge and expertise so that you can save your company money.

We can also help with:


Leadership Development

  • Coaching
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Managing Change


Team Building

  • Team Performance
  • Meeting and Retreat Facilitation
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation

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